Happy Friendship Day 2018

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When is Friendship Day 2018? Why is it Celebrated? History & Fun Facts

When is Friendship Day 2018? Why is it Celebrated? History & Fun Facts – Friendship Day is one of the most awaited days of the year. It is one of those days where everyone is happy and enthusiastic about celebrating this day. It celebrated friendships in the purest form as it should be. Friendship is celebrated on the 1st Sunday of August every year. Therefore a specific is not allotted to this day and it keeps changing every year. In the year 2018, Friendship Day is on Sunday, 5th August. Friendship Day was first celebrated as a promotion of the greeting cards industries back then. However, due to digitization it gained popularity over the years and become a custom. The first Friendship was proposed on 30th July in 1958 by World Friendship Crusade. However different countries celebrate it on different days.

Friendship Day 2018

Friendship Day 2018

Friendship Day 2018

When is Friendship Day 2018, 2019, 2020?

Since different countries Friendship day on different days, it is very difficult to exactly tell. However, in the countries of India, Bangladesh and many other is it celebrated on the 1st Sunday of August.

2018 5th August, Sunday
2019 4th  August, Sunday
2020 2nd August, Sunday

Why is Friendship Day Celebrated? Which Countries Celebrate Friendship Day?

Friendship Day celebrations occur on different dates in different countries. The first World Friendship Day was proposed for 30 July in 1958, by the world. However, some countries, including India, celebrate Friendship Day on the first Sunday of August. In Oberlin, Ohio Friendship Day is celebrated on 8 April each year. Many countries like Argentina, Brazil (20th July), Peru (first Saturday of July), United States (30th July) celebrate Friendship Day on different days.

Friendship Day History & Fun Facts

It was originated by Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark cards in 1930. It was basically to celebrate the day of friendship and also promote the business of greeting cards. On this day, some friends acknowledge each other with exchanges of gifts and cards. Friendship Bands are very popular in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and parts of South America.

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